The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (No. 11)

June 6, 2021

The Good

Three cheers for this dad and his beautiful daughter. This is how it ought to be. A father and his little girl explain how we should all treat each other and why Critical Race Theory is ugly and immoral. We need more dads like this. If you do nothing else today, watch this video. You’ll be better for it, and it will make your day—promise!

Here’s the best darn news I’ve seen in a very long time (H/T Colin Pearce).

It’s happening ladies and gentlemen, and it can’t be stopped now. We’ve passed the tipping point.

And more good news! By far, the greatest increase in homeschooling numbers over the course of the last year occurred amongst Black families. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the revolution. Homeschooling is the most important social movement since the 1960s.

And the beat goes on . . .

What this data demonstrates is that the teachers’ unions miscalculated the effect of shutting down the schools for a year in some places. Somehow I think this falls into the “Law of Unintended Consequences” category. The big question will be: Can these numbers holdup post-Covid? Let’s hope so.

Punching back twice as hard. Watch this short video of Chris Wright, CEO of Denver-based Liberty Oilfield Services, mock the woke hypocrisy of North Face, the outdoor apparel company. North Face recently denied a Texas oil and gas company’s order for jackets with the oil company’s logo stitched onto the coats on the grounds that the outdoor apparel company did not want to be associated with the fossil fuel industry. Well, well, well. It turns out that virtually all of the products made and sold by North Face are made from, you guessed it, petroleum products. Funny that!

This is precious. From America’s paper of record: “Antifa Member Lectures D-Day Veteran on How to Fight Fascism.”

They’re gonna have to build a longer pit for this para long jumper. Keep it up young man! Watch Markus Rehm fly through the air. See here.

I never thought I’d say this, but maybe there’s something good about communism after all. “North Korea 'bans skinny jeans, mullets' in fight against capitalism.” Then again, it would be deeply ironic if the “mullet” and “skinny jeans” were the world-historical forces to bring down communism.

The Bad

Where goeth merit in a meritless world?  From America’s “not” newspaper of record: “To Make Orchestras More Diverse, End Blind Auditions.”

If the musicians onstage are going to better reflect the diversity of the communities they serve, the audition process has to be altered to take into fuller account artists’ backgrounds and experiences. Removing the screen is a crucial step.

The return of Wickard v. Filburn. Is there anything it can’t do? Can the government force farmers not to farm? The question answers itself. Of course it can!  Don’t be silly. After a year of arbitrarily shutting down businesses across America, I’m pretty sure the Ruling Class can tell one farmer what to do with his land. “Farmer sues after being ordered not to work his farm.”

No, this is NOT the Babylon Bee. This is the ruling class demonstrating its intellectual and moral obtuseness. “University calls for removal of construction equipment some deemed a racist symbol.”

The Ugly

Well, the bubble has burst and it doesn’t look good for the Ruling Class. This is very bad if true. “Explosive study claims to prove Chinese scientists created COVID."

Our country is in the very best of hands. It turns out the mainstream media lied and people died. “The Medias COVID Failure.”

I think we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what just might prove to be one of the biggest scandals of the millennium—or several millennia for that matter. “The Pentagon gave $39 MILLION to Dr. Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance - the charity that funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan lab accused of being the source of the outbreak, federal data reveals.” Pro tip: time for some people to lawyer up.

“The Pentagon gave $39 million to a charity that funded controversial coronavirus research at a Chinese lab accused of being the source for Covid-19, federal data reveals. . . .The charity, EcoHealth Alliance (EHA), has come under intense scrutiny after it emerged that it had been using federal grants to fund research into coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The U.S. nonprofit, set up to research new diseases, has also partly funded deeply controversial ‘gain of function’ experiments, where dangerous viruses are made more infectious to study their effect on human cells. A political storm broke when former president Donald Trump canceled a $3.7 million grant to the charity last year amid claims that Covid-19 was created in, or leaked from, the Wuhan lab funded by EHA. But federal grant data assembled by independent researchers shows that the charity has received more than $123 million from the government – from 2017 to 2020 – and that one of its biggest funders is the Department of Defense, funneling almost $39 million to the organization since 2013. Exactly how much of that money went toward research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology is unknown.”

The face of tyranny, episode #2,348. “Woke Oregon teacher warns colleagues they’ll be ‘fired’ if they don’t ‘come to the light’ and become ‘anti-racist’.”

Is the prestigious and very expensive Dalton School in New York City America’s laughably worst school? As we’ve seen here at The Redneck Intellectual in recent weeks, students at the Dalton School are taught to hate their country and to hate themselves, but to compensate for all the hate mongering the school is also teaching its first graders how to love themselves. I wonder what parent-teacher interviews are like at Dalton. “Dalton parents enraged over ‘masturbation’ videos for first-graders.”

The new Jim Crow, American-Style. Racism is always ugly. Period. “Harvard-affiliated physicians want to deliver 'preferential care based on race'.”

Apartheid comes to America. It couldn’t happen here, you said. And you would be wrong. “High school program sponsored by several NY colleges does not allow white students to apply.”

Yale University is and has been for several years Ground Zero for the Zombie Apocalypse. I think we should start a GoFundMe campaign for this “psychiatrist” to receive psychiatric care. I worry that she just might have a few problems. “NYC shrink tells Yale audience she fantasizes about shooting white people in head.”

Modern and postmodern art are now officially dead. There was no place left to go for the hoity-toity and the artsy-fartsy. The nihilism of the avante-garde has finally reached the bottom of its abyss. Turns out the whole project of the notoriously hip was a fraud. “Italian Artist Sells Invisible Sculpture for $18,000.”

Italian artist Salvatore Garau has auctioned off an "invisible" sculpture for 15,000 euros ($18,300). According to, the sculpture's initial price was set between 6,000 and 9,000 euros; however, the price was raised after several bids were placed. The kicker: titled 'Io Sono' (Italian for "I am"), the 67-year-old artist's sculpture is "immaterial," meaning that the sculpture does not actually exist.

Yes, someone paid over $18,000 for... nothing. 

There is actually nothing ugly to see here because there’s nothing—literally nothing—to see, but the motive behind and the purpose of this invisible “sculpture” is ugly. Hopefully this represents the end of non-representational art.

. . . and the Beautiful

We have a double dose of beauty this week.

Beauty comes in many forms—natural and artistic. And then there is a very different kind of beauty that is found in the human spirit. The video of this little boy climbing his Mount Everest represents the beauty of an indomitable spirit. Watch it and try to not shed a tear of joy for the accomplishment of this intrepid little boy.

I love this little boy with all my might, and I wish him the best life possible.

Wow! Wow! Wow!  I knew this young man when he was a little boy. And look at him now. His name is Joseph Tollefsen, and he’s already an accomplished guitarist at age 21. Keep an eye out for him. He’s going to be famous one day. Here’s a video of Joseph playing a cover of one of my favorite songs (“Where is My Mind”) by The Pixies. 

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Have great week!