The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (No. 21)

September 28, 2021

Apologies that some of the material today is a tad dated, but I have an enormous backlog of material that I hope off load in the next week or two. And many thanks to those of you who are signing up for the paid subscription. Very much appreciated.


It’s called humor. Sometimes ya just gotta laugh:

My friend Jay and I would be willing to taste it first for the owner: “World's oldest single malt scotch is going to auction, could be worth $200K.”

Bernard-Henri Lévy speaks for me. This is heroism in the face of the cowardice and incompetence demonstrated by our Ruling Class. “American Honor: Even in the midst of deep humiliation, there are still signs of the exceptional nation I’ve loved since childhood.”

One of the important life lessons I learned only after I became a parent is that there are some moms you don’t ever want to mess with when it comes to their kids. Frankly, they scare the bejesus out of me. “Heroic mom fights off mountain lion attacking her 5-year-old son.”

Wow! Shockingly good news from Colorado: “Pro-Growth’: Democratic Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Says He Favors Eliminating His State’s Income Tax.

I hereby challenge “Gubna” Henry McMaster of South Carolina to get us in the top ten. “There's Good Economic News, But It's Mostly from Republican-Run States.”

Respect! We need more men like this in our military: “'I demand accountability, if we don't get it, I'm bringing it!' Marine battalion commander fired after slamming his superiors over botched Afghanistan exit strategy warns the military needs a 'revolution'.”


MARINE UPDATE (See article immediately above): “Outspoken Marine officer who went viral blasting military leaders over Afghanistan is jailed: report.”

I left Canada in January 1979 because of his father. Now I know I’m never going back: “Canada election: Trudeau stays in power but Liberals fall short of majority.”

The Ruling Class doesn’t like being called out: Marine demands senior leaders accept 'accountability' for Afghanistan, gets removed from position.”

History Matters! “Colonial Williamsburg Begins ‘Reenactments’ About ‘LGBT History In The Colonies’.”

It’s here and there is no vaccine. “Key inflation gauge rises 3.6% from a year ago to tie biggest jump since the early 1990s.”

And don’t forget, it’s a tax that hurts the poor most of all: “US rent hikes will explode consumer inflation in 2022.”

I’m sorry to say it, mom and dad, but your son is a loser. “Parents Owe $30,441 To Son For Throwing Out His Porn Collection.”

Physician, Heal Thyself. Translation: Obey, or else: “Calls Grow to Discipline Doctors Spreading Virus Misinformation.”

Straight out of Atlas Shrugged: “Biden’s Electric Car Plan: Rig Manufacturing to Favor Unions.”

What Can’t Go on Forever, Won’t! “Social Security trust funds now projected to run out of money sooner than expected due to Covid, Treasury says.”

The Federal Government is just one big Ponzi scheme feeding off your tax dollars. “Federally Funded Groups Targeting Republican Governors over School Mask Policies.”

There seems to be a lot of Maoism goin’ around these days: “Broadway Composer Says Maoist Takeover of Arts is Like Living in a ‘Totalitarian State’.”

Seriously, who could disagree? “Fire the military and intelligence bigs who bungled Afghanistan — now.”

Why do they feel the need to lie? “Ivermectin Hit Piece Debunked After Hospital Steps Forward with the Truth.”


We have the best Ruling Class. “Did ‘gender studies’ lose Afghanistan? How Ivy League diplomats sought to remake Afghanistan in Harvard’s image.”

Not Good: “Hostage Nightmare? Rep. McCaul Says Taliban Is Blocking Americans From Getting Out of Afghanistan.”

There’s no confirmation from the White House or State Department on the Americans being held against their will, but is that really surprising? This has been Joe Biden’s biggest nightmare since the Taliban overran Kabul — that the Taliban would seize Americans and hold them as bargaining chips. It should not shock us that this explosive news would be kept from the American people.

The New York Times has become The People’s Daily (official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party). This just might be the single most dishonest article I’ve ever read in The New York Times and that’s saying a lot. “Calls Grow to Discipline Doctors Spreading Virus Misinformation.”

Seriously, have you no decency? Is it possible that America’s Ruling Class just isn’t that bright? “Obama education secretary excoriated for likening anti-maskers to Kabul suicide bombers in tweet.”


Oh my gosh!  Great new discovery. You will love this. It’s gorgeous.

Ólafur Arnalds - Live at Sydney Opera House


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