Dumb and Dumber (Nos. 8 & 9)

Watching the Education Apocalypse in Slow Motion

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WHAT IF WORDS REFER TO NOTHING IN REALITY? Time to make a choice. Is this the kind of preschool teacher you want for your four-year-old? (Watch here.)If you do, great, break a leg. If you don’t, then do something about it.


YOU CAN’T TWEAK YOUR WAY TO IMPROVING THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS: “Teacher Codes of Conduct Offer Alternative to CRT Bans.”


RACISM ALERT!—College Board Edition. This is why I keep telling you that the system is broken and can’t be fixed. Conservative tweaking at the edges only props up a corrupt system: “College Board Practice Exam Indoctrinates Students On Voter-ID Laws.”

College Board, the most influential college entrance exam group in the United States, included a section in its current Advanced Placement U.S. government practice test that requires students to condemn voter ID laws as racially biased.

THE ART OF LYING: “Chicago Teachers Union Claims School Choice ‘Has A Racist History’.”

However, the most compelling argument against school choice programs being racist, is that 89% of black Democratic primary voters support expanding “access to more choices and options within the public school system, including magnet schools, career academies, and public charter schools.” According to a survey of 2020 voters, Democrats for Education Reform found that  81% of voters — including 81% of Democratic primary voters — also support expanding school choice options. 

WHY DO THEY WANT TO TEACH YOUR CHILDREN? Well, they are your child’s “second parent” after all, and “second parents” have rights ya know, and so they can teach whatever they damn well please and the “first parents” can’t do a damn thing about it because “second parents” are more important than “first parents.” “The Odious Campaign to Sexualize Children in Public Schools.”

PRETTY SURE THIS IS NOT GOING TO END WELL: “Florida threatens to withhold salaries of school boards that mandate masks.”


INDOCTRINATION ALERT!—A Win Against Indoctrination at Princeton. “Guided by Faith, Divinity Student Fought His ‘Anti-Racist’ Princeton Seminary—and Won.”

EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: This trend will accelerate in the years to come: “The Number of Colleges Continues to Shrink.”

WANNA BET THAT THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM WILL BE TO DUMB DOWN THE CLASSES? “Cal State students failing, withdrawing from many required classes at a high rate.”

THIS WILL ONLY LAST AS LONG AS THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE HOLLYWOOD ELITE ARE NOT MUGGED, RAPED, OR KILLED: “University of Southern California will partially defund its police after nearly year-long review.”

CONSERVATIVES NEED NOT APPLY AT AUBURN: “Conservative Christian nominee ‘canceled’ by Auburn student government.”

HYPOCRITE ALERT!  Mask mandates are for little people: “College presidents meet, maskless, after issuing mask mandates.”

MR. JEFFERSON’S UNIVERSITY HAS BECOME A NURSING HOME FOR 20-YEAR-OLDS. UVA students are welcome at Clemson. “University of Virginia Disenrolls Hundreds for Violating COVID-19 Vaccine Policy.”

REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST. We should never forget the young woman known as “Trigglypuff.” I sometimes wonder what became of her. Watch the whole thing.

MUST READ: “Five Lies They Teach Your Kids In Freshman Orientation.”

Lie No. 1: White privilege is real

Lie No. 2: Words are violence

Lie No. 3: One in five co-eds will be sexually assaulted 

Lie No. 4: Gender is a choice

Lie No. 5: Being colorblind is racist

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