Dumb and Dumber (No. 7)

Watching the Education Apocalypse in Slow Motion

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WALK AWAY! Would you like to know what they teach in preschool these days? Seriously, would you want this person teaching YOUR child? Watch the video here: “Woke Teacher Indoctrinates Preschoolers About ‘Gender’ and ‘Genitals’.”

WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL. American kids can’t read or write but they sure know their rights: “Biden Administration Issues Transgender-Themed 'Back-to-School Message' Urging Students to File Complaints Against Their Schools.”

YUP (watch the video): “Woke Schools Are Damaging Children

NO KIDDING SHERLOCK: “ ‘If your 3rd grader can’t read, that’s a problem’.”

IT’S HAPPENING. Buckle up! “The Great Parent Revolt.”

Finally, a non-woke American history curriculum: “What Children Should Be Learning.”

YOU’D THINK THIS GENTLEMAN KNOWS OF WHAT HE SPEAKS: “Why Critical Race Theory Harms the Black Community.”

But as a black former U.S. Air Force officer and pilot living in a nearly all-white community for the last 18 years, my personal experience here has not been rooted in oppression, division, and racial privilege being stacked against me. Instead, I've experienced equality, unity, and mutual respect. I love the people of Slinger. I have children and grandchildren in the district, and since 2008 I have served our middle and high school football programs, first as a coach and then as president of our Gridiron Club.

RACISM ALERT!—WHEN UPPER-MIDDLE-CLASS, COLLEGE EDUCATED, WHITE SOCIALISTS THINK THEY KNOW MORE ABOUT WHAT IT MEANS TO BE BLACK IN AMERICA THAN BLACK AMERICANS . . . “Black father tells board CRT keeps racism on 'life support', moments later they vote to ban it: Colorado father who is a descendent of slaves slams CRT in classrooms.” Watch the imbedded video in the article. It’s pure gold.


WELCOME TO EDUCATION IN 21ST-CENTURY AMERICA. Could things get any worse: “Classrooms ‘Completely Taken Over’ By Rats Is Delaying Start Of In-Person Learning At A Montebello High School.”

WALK AWAY. “Texas Teacher Cries, Compares Lack Of Mask Mandate To School Shooting.”

TEACHERS FIGHTING BACK: “Missouri school district employees sue over allegedly unconstitutional 'equity' training.”

THIS IS WHAT PASSES FOR TEACHING CHEMISTRY IN AMERICA’S GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS. Would you want your child preparing for college chemistry with this teacher? “Utah Teacher Makes Astounding Political Threats in Class.”

I’M NOT SURE THIS IS GOING TO END WELL: “Colorado deputies will be at schools due to 'tensions' over mask mandate.”

WOULD YOU WANT YOUR CHILD IN THIS TEACHER’S CLASSROOM? “'Let them die,' Washington state middle school teacher says of the unvaccinated.”

PLEASE JUST TELL THE TRUTH IN FRONT OF THE KIDS: “No, Republican Governors Are Not ‘Banning Masks in Classrooms’.”


DECLINE AND FALL: “As US Schools Prioritize Diversity Over Merit, China Is Becoming the World’s STEM Leader.”

OF COURSE THEY DO: “REPORT: Diversity ‘bureaucrats’ outnumber history professors at top colleges.”

PARODY ALERT: “UMich prof says math and science classes are racist.”

I SUPPORT: “1776 Unites, An Org. Primarily Run By African-American Scholars, Blast Racist CRT Curriculum.”

THEY SAID IT COULDN’T HAPPEN HERE: “Quinnipiac University to issue fines, impose Wi-Fi restrictions on students who fail to show proof of vaccination.”

A WIN FOR THE GOOD GUYS: “George Mason grants professor COVID vaccine mandate exemption after ‘natural immunity’ lawsuit.”

RACISM ALERT—College Edition! Have America’s universities become the world’s most racist institutions? The cat is out of the bag. James Madison University goes Bull Connor.

James Madison University in Virginia is training student employees to recognize that people who identify as male, straight, cisgender, or Christian are "oppressors" that engage in the "systematic subjugation" of other social groups.

Read the whole story here: “James Madison University trains students that Christians, White males are 'oppressors'.”

Administrators at James Madison University have divided the world into good people and bad people.

Here are the “goods”:

And here are the “bads”:

RACISM ALERT—Air Force Edition! Welcome to General Mark Milley’s armed forces. Watch the video in imbedded in the article. It’s embarrassingly infantile: “Air Force Academy requires training linked to critical race theory and Black Lives Matter.”

RACISM ALERT!—Law School Edition: “American Bar Association Poised To Mandate Diversity Training, Affirmative Action at Law Schools.”

RACISM ALERT!—British Edition. Where intersectionality and racism meet you get pretzel logic: “English Professor Claims Right To Use Racial Slurs In the Name of Racial Justice.”

 WHY IS THERE SO MUCH RACISM IN AMERICAN HIGHER EDUCATION? Oh, wait . . . “Professor condemned as ‘racist’ by her department after supporting colorblind research

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