Watching the Education Apocalypse in Slow Motion

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THE NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION SAYS WE SHOULD OBEY THE TEACHERS. For once, I agree: “Public and private school teachers choose to homeschool own children.”

In 2016, a little more than 3% of the nation's school-age children were homeschooled, according to federal data. However, a significant surge has been confirmed by the U.S. Census Bureau, which reported that in March, the rate of homeschooling rose to 11% by September 2020.

(Read the whole thing here.

LOUDON COUNTY, VIRGINIA. Ground Zero for the new civil war: “Exclusive Loudoun County Is Ground Zero for Nation’s School Fight over CRT, Transgender Ideology, Lockdowns.”

TURNS OUT THAT AN EDUCATION CIVIL WAR IS BREAKING OUT EVERYWHERE. It’s never too late to homeschool: “Schools become COVID-19 battleground.”


The Scottish government told schools they must allow kids to change their gender with or without their parents’ permission.

The rule affects children as young as four.

The Scottish government told schools they must allow kids to change their gender with or without their parents’ permission.

The rule affects children as young as four.

Read the whole thing: Scottish Schools Will Allow Kids as Young as Four to Change Gender Without Asking Parents.

WHAT HAPPENS IN SCOTLAND DOESN’T STAY IN SCOTLAND. Do you still support your government schools? “Colorado School District Instructs Teachers To Avoid Informing Parents If Their Child Shows ‘Persistent’ Gender Confusion.”

DUMBING DOWN AMERICA IS A THING: “Civics teacher blasts school districts weakening proficiency requirements, says kids need high standards.”

THE ED ESTABLISHMENT IS PUNITIVE AS WELL AS DUMB AND CORRUPT: “When the 6th grade math teacher resigned from Comanche Elementary School in Overland Park, however, the district told him he’d have to pay a $1,000 ‘liquidation penalty’ for resigning after a specific deadline in his contract.” “Kansas math teacher resigns over CRT training and renewed mask mandates, gets fined.”

PRETTY SURE THAT IT’S IMMIGRANTS THAT WILL SAVE AMERICA: “Iranian Father RIPS School Board for Pushing Socialist Propaganda: Call My Kids ‘King and Queen’.”

WELL, DOH! You do know, right, there was NO federal Department of Education before 1979? Mmm. And was the quality of education in the U.S. prior to 1979 superior to what it is today or worse? “Sen. Johnson: $28.4 Trillion Federal Debt is Too Much, Start By Dumping Education Dept.”

When asked if the $28.4 trillion federal debt was too much, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) said, “Yes, it’s way too much.” He added that one way to reduce spending would be to eliminate the Department of Education.

THIS BAND-AID WON’T STOP THE BLEEDING. “Colorado school district bans critical race theory.”

YUP, AND ON MANY LEVELS: “Masking school children is abuse.”

WALK AWAY. Seriously, are you ok with this: “Schoolchildren allegedly imprisoned in 'tiny closets' for not wearing masks.”


LEFT WITHOUT COMMENT: “Not satire: The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine just one-upped the term ‘birthing person’ with ‘human milk-feeding individual’.”

Left-wing law schools + left-wing medical schools + left-wing business schools + left-wing colleges + left-wing K-12 schools = socialist society. “Progressivism Surges Through America’s Law Schools.”

SOMETIMES THOSE COLLEGE KIDS SAY THE DARNEDEST THINGS: “University of California Op-Ed Insists Calling Women 'Females' Is 'Dehumanizing'.”

COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. You won’t want to miss this talk. All in cost to attend Princeton is $75,000 per year.

This Week

High Meadows Environmental Institute

Wed, Sept 22 • 4:30 pm • via Zoom

Tiffany King

Associate Professor of Women, Gender and Sexuality, University of Virginia
“Meditations from the Shoal”

The Environmental Humanities and Social Transformation Colloquium welcomes Tiffany King as its inaugural speaker of fall 2021.

King will think with errant and offshore practices of Black intimate encounters with the environment. Focusing on Black erotic practices that involve dirt, mud and earth, King will ask how Black erotic ecologies reimagine human/more-than-human hierarchies and reorganize sensorium(s).

Free and open to the public. Cosponsored by the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies and the Program in American Studies.

Given that I can’t improve upon “erotic practices that involve dirt, mud and earth,” I should probably quit while I’m ahead.

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