Dumb and Dumber

Watching the Education Apocalypse in Slow Motion

Welcome to the first edition of “Dumb and Dumber.” The plan is for this to be a weekly supplement to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”


Wake-up call! Here is the “intellectual” framework being used to teach America’s children. Is this ok with you? Notice point 5 under “Color Group Collectivism”. (You may have to double click on it to see a larger version.)

This is wrong on every level. In fact, it’s more than just wrong, it’s creepy. The role of teachers is NOT to be a “second mother” or to “socialize children”!!!!

Ok, so let’s see what all of this means in practice. Here’s a poignant example of the moral framework being used to teach your children. This is what it means to educate children today in the English-speaking world: “Hey kids! Bare-bottomed monkey man with fake penis teaches kids to read.” Do you want this guy teaching your 5-year-old how to read? Do you want him/her/whatever serving as your child’s second mother, father, or whatever.

(Pornography alert!)

This is, to put it diplomatically, VERY creepy. How would you like your child’s “second mother” or “second father” dressing your child in this kind of costume? Is this how you want your children socialized? Just so we’re clear, this is moral child abuse (i.e., to rape a child of their moral innocence).

And now we go from moral child abuse to cognitive child abuse. From Ontario’s new math curriculum:

Changes to Ontario’s math curriculum announced last year by Education Minister Stephen Lecce will include a ‘subjective’ and ‘decolonial’ approach to mathematics, according to documents posted on the ministry’s website.

“Mathematics is often positioned as an objective and pure discipline,” reads a section of an online brief highlighting the ‘vision and goals’ of the updated curriculum.

“However, the content and the context in which it is taught, the mathematicians who are celebrated, and the importance that is placed upon mathematics by society are subjective.”

Math, it continues, has been “used to normalize racism and marginalization of non-Eurocentric mathematical knowledges,” and explains that taking a “decolonial” and “anti-racist approach” to teaching math will outline its “historical roots and social constructions” to students.

Imagine this kind of math being taught in China? Read the whole article: “Ontario: Math Is ‘Subjective’ And ‘Used to Normalize Racism and Marginalization of Non-Eurocentric Mathematical Knowledges’.”

More math problems. California attempts to go full Ontario. Never go full Ontario. In California, the education establishment wants 2 + 2 = social justice. A few brave souls put the kibosh on it for the time being. “California drops new ‘social justice’ math curriculum after critics say it would ‘de-mathematize math’.”   Let’s be clear, however, California is only delaying the implementation of this new-new-new math curriculum. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’ll teach it whether it’s passed by the legislature or State School Board or not.

Government math doesn’t add up: “Research Used to Justify California’s ‘Equity’ Math Doesn’t Add Up.” Government math doesn’t add up, Part II: “The Macro Subjectivity of ‘Microaggression’ Studies.”

And if you think woke indoctrination applies only to the government schools, you would be wrong. Any rational or sane person regardless of their politics who just wants to teach an academic subject without politically correct, woke, indoctrination NEED NOT APPLY: “Elite NYC schools make it clear the next generation of educators needs to be ‘woke’.”

It’s Potemkin Schools all the way down: “Baltimore City Schools: 41% of high school students earn below 1.0 GPA.”

Squad member unveils ‘Green New Deal’ for education with support from NYC’s de Blasio. Rep. Jamaal Bowman's plan calls for $1.4 Trillion more for public schools to combat climate change.” Yeah, ‘cause government spending on education and green technology has been such a great investment over the decades.

The advocates of Critical Race Theory are now using eliminationist rhetoric against parents, students, and citizens who oppose CRT. “‘Let Them Die”: Fairfax PTA and NAACP Officer Calls for the Death of Who Oppose CRT.” But hey, all’s well that ends well: Said PTA member who calls for death has resigned. See here.

If you oppose the insanity that is American government schooling, they will come after you and they will try to destroy your life. The Education Establishment lives by one tactical rule: the end justifies the means: “Mom Says School Board Threatened to Sue Her for Seeking Public Information on Critical Race Theory in Curriculum.”

I predicted this would happen. “Over 5,000 Teachers Sign Pledge to Defy Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws.” News flash: you’re going to get CRT whether you ban it legislatively or not. If you do NOT want your children to be indoctrinated with CRT in the government schools, you only have one option. There is no other choice.  Just Do It! Take your children by the hand and just walk away.

I can lead you to water, but I can’t make you drink: “Forget Critical Race Theory. I Don’t Trust Elites to Teach Kids Basic Civics.”

Would you like concrete evidence demonstrating that conservatives are absolutely clueless about fighting indoctrination in the government schools? Here’s conservative TV and radio host Mark Levin on how to fight Critical Race Theory and all the other bad ideas being taught in the government schools:

Levin compared the recent movements against critical race theory to the original revolutionaries like Thomas Paine, who organized based on the written word in pamphlets. He also acknowledged that while the public schools should be beholden to the public, many are not aware of what’s happening in classrooms.

“We own these schools. They’re called public schools. They are government schools. We pay the salaries. We pay the medical care and the pensions. We pay the dues ultimately for the unions. We pay for the classrooms. We pay for the building. We pay for the administrators, and we have no say whatsoever,” Levin said. “We’re not even sure what’s going on in these classrooms, and they won’t tell us.”

Levin reminded Hegseth about his suggestion to place cameras in classrooms. Both Hegseth and Levin agreed that if cops and courtrooms had cameras, so then should classrooms.

Ultimately, Levin emphasized the need to put teachers’ unions “on their heels” with techniques such as using the Freedom of Information Act or other legal means.

“I’m saying it’s time for us to put them on their heels, use the Freedom of Information Act, use these legal groups across the country or a local litigator,” Levin said. “Let’s get in there. Let’s find out what’s going on. Let’s push back against the unions.”

I’m sorry—I really am—but this is just plain dumb. Levin here provides a classic example of how and why conservatives ALWAYS lose. Read the whole article here: “Levin calls on viewers to 'galvanize' and 'rally' against teachers' unions.”

Question: Why Do Conservatives Keep Losing the Education Wars?

Answer: Because they do NOT think in principles.


Chaser: “White House Backs Teachers Unions, CRT Curricula.”

California is living out Adrian Vermeule’s dream. For every attempt to ban CRT, some state will pass a law mandating it for, ya know, the “common good.”

By contrast, here’s a pretty good essay on the problems with K-12 education by Richard Hanania that moves in my direction (but not the whole way): “Governments Have a Right to Ban Critical Race Theory, But It Doesn't Matter if They Do.”

Common sense alert: “Foolish schools going for woke — lagging US kids need 3 Rs, not race theory.”


Stupid Party Alert: Here’s some free advice to America’s conservatives and Republicans. If you think that all you need to do is ban something called Critical Race Theory and all your problems would go away, you are being silly and naïve. I’ve been warning you now for months that CRT will be taught no matter what you do because you can’t stop it: “Community College Students in California Must Now Fulfill ‘Ethnic Studies’ Requirement to Graduate.”

Are you “ok” with this? Do parents have rights relative to the emotional, moral, and physical well-being of their children? “ASU prof: Parents should lose ‘veto power’ over ‘most transition-related pediatric care’.”

Ideas Have Consequences, and this idea will most definitely have consequences, and not good ones: “Art prof claims enforcing rules at public schools is racist.”

When will America’s public colleges and universities wake up and realize that their attempts to silence campus speech are a losing proposition? “Alabama university sued for violating recently implemented free speech law.”

Big win for Chick-fil-A lovers at Notre Dame! Big loss for campus brown shirts. “Notre Dame gives statement on future of Chick-fil-A on campus.”

Can any of us really take Yale seriously anymore? The place seems to be a total joke these days. You can now spend $326,300 to send your son or daughter or whatever to New Haven to major in “The Program in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration” and take classes such as these. The obvious purpose of this “academic” program is to turn Yale undergrads into socialist community organizers. Take, for instance, the “Latina/o in New Haven” course. Here’s part of the course description:

This seminar examines the civic and cultural life of the Latina/o population of New Haven, Connecticut by combining community-based learning with readings in migration, labor, urban, and Latina/o studies.

The course combines regular class meetings and weekly community activities, with teams of students assigned to work with local non-profit organizations.

The course includes cultural texts – literature, music, and film – that illuminate the social worlds and imaginative lives of migrant and diasporic Latina/o communities. Students develop documentary projects through their involvement with local service organizations that offer education, health care, and legal representation for immigrant and low-income Latina/os; local Spanish-language media organizations; city government; and cultural organizations.

Ah, yes, the rigors of “community-based learning” with “local non-profit organizations” that “offer education, health care” etc. Put down (or burn) your Plato and Hobbes and get Yale course credit for your five-minute YouTube video based on your experiences working with a local soup kitchen and the New Haven branch of the Socialist Party of America. I hope the students taking this major aren’t paying for it with student loans because post-graduation employment at Starbucks won’t pay off the loan. Then again, they might get a job in California’s community colleges teaching their new (see above) “Ethnic Studies” requirement.

The annual all-in price at Bentley University is $76,305. And for that, you can major in “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” If you can’t beat’em, you might as well grift’em:

To help students meet this burgeoning business need, Bentley is now offering a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) major for undergraduates. Beginning July 1, students can choose from two pathways: a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a focus on critical and theoretical approaches to social justice, and a Bachelor of Science degree, which emphasizes the importance of DEI in organizational strategy.   

You too can take the major to nowhere by clicking here:


Agree 100%. “It’s Time to Start a New University.”

The Redneck Intellectual sure hopes you liked this week’s edition of “Dumb and Dumber.”

Have a great week!